Science hack day dar 2017


Two remarkable days in October (28 – 29) 2017, 65+ enthusiast gather in one physical space in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to see what they can prototype within this two days. The second Science Hack Day Dar where Designers, Developers, Scientists and all who were excited about making things with science showed up just to make amazing things with science Buni Innovation Hub, the amazing place for innovations with the backup of the fastest Internet from Raha Liquid Telecom. All good creative moments were captured by K15Photos

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The event began at 8 am on 28th October with an amazing history of science hack day and later introduced some lightning talks, icebreaker and began discussing different design challenges

Nine teams formed with different professionalism and ambition people but later they came up together with one amazing prototype solution.

Again, K15Photos did a wonderful job of capturing the science hack memories, all the memories are found on this link SHDDar 2017 Memories You can also search for #SHDDar or #sciencehackday on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find many more taken by some of the attendees.

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Thank you to all the sponsors: Raha Liquid Telecom,  Buni Innovation Hub,  K15Photos, We absolutely would not be able to have events like this exist without their support.

Many thanks to the Science Hack Day Dar Team Emmanuel Evance,  Lupyana Mbembati,  Jennifer Kalemera and Masuka Manyasi. Who volunteered to organize this event.

Thanks to all our Mentors Catherinerose Barreto Cofounder of KINU, Arnold Minde from Ubongokids who was also a judge, Emanuel Feruzi from K15 Photos, and to all judges JohnPaul Barreto from HDIF and Mahbib Jemedari (Head Of Marketing at Raha Liquid Telecom) and to all who provided amazing activities to everyone to enjoy! And THANK YOU to everyone who attended for making Science Hack Day Dar.

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I hope to see many of you again next year and HAVE FUN WITH SCIENCE.

Science Hack Day Dar 2017 dates announced!

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Save the date! Science Hack Day Dar returns on October 28-29, 2017.  This year’s event will be hosted at Buni Innovation hub at Kinondoni Dar es Salaam. We can’t wait to get excited and make things with science with you soon!

As always are looking for sponsors to help support this free and volunteer-run event. Please download our sponsor prospectus and email to get in touch!

Three days to go



76 people registered, 36 hours of hacking, different project ideas submitted, three free meals on Saturday 9th Jan, two meals on Sunday 10th Jan 2016 and one collective aim of making wonderful things.
Register your place and submit your hack idea :).
If you have not applied to attend Science Hack Day Dar es Salaam event,
Kindly apply to attend to this event using the following link.
Registration is open at

Lighting Talks  and Design Challenge On the 9th to 10th of Jan 2016

Lighting talk speakers are
  •    will talk about How drones and data combat Dar es Salaam floods
  • Dr. Noorali
    will talk about the importance of fundamental understanding of nature through physics
  • Loyola High School
    Will Talk about the following topic,
    – Automatic Attendance Taker
    – Robotics used in Military
    – Math Hacker Software
    – School Performance Software
And On the Design Challenges
  • Victor From TANGO TV
  • Jumanne Mtambalike From BUNI
  • Happiness watimanywa
The Design Challenges are:
    Marsh Mallow and Curve Stitching

Notice of Science Hack Day Rescheduled

sad31Greetings Dear Scientist Enthusiasm.

Because of some unavoidable circumstances, The Science Hack Day Dar es Salaam that was  scheduled for Saturday, December 12 to 13th, 2015, has been rescheduled to Saturday, January 9th to 10th, 2016 at the hour of 8:00 A.M.

We apologize for any inconvenience however, and hope that you will see our decision positively and support it.

We hope you/everyone is comfortable with this new schedule. If you/any of you have a problem with this new schedule, please inform me at your earliest convenience.